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Are you a Mason

Are You A Mason?

In 1901 a comedy by the name of “Are You A Mason?” hit broadway theaters in New York City. This three act play was adapted and translated by Leo Dietrichstein from it’s original German version “Logen Bruder” written by Laufs & Kratz. With measurable success the play ran as late as 1911 as far away as London, England. This production became the inspiration for an entire category of Masonic postcards bearing the same moniker “Are You A Mason?”. These postcards took Masonry out of context by giving alternate meanings to terms such as passing, raising and mark among other common Masonic words. The Ashlar Company is proud to be able to offer reproductions of these highly collectable postcards. We have also made available the script to the original play "Are You A Mason?"

Are You A Mason - Series A

Are You A Mason - Series B

Are You A Mason - Series C

Are You A Mason - Series D

Are You A Mason - Series E

Are You A Mason - Series F

Are You A Mason - Series G

Are You A Mason - Series H

Are You A Mason - Series I

Are You A Mason - Series J

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